Regionally, Nationwide and throughout Europe: The Co-op Network

Energy Co-ops Ireland is a member of Renewable Energy Systems Co-operatives Europe (RESCOOP). This is the associate body of renewable energy co-ops in Europe recognised by and comprising 350 member co-ops.

ECI can facilitate our associated co-ops interaction with fantastic community energy network in Europe where they will gain invaluable practical and informational assistance from experienced, successful co-operative leaders in internationally.

On a national level, ECI has assisted in the establishment of five Irish Renewable Energy Co-ops, and is the process of establishing many more throughout rural and urban Ireland. OUR SERVICES DESCRIBED HERE

ECI also works in close association with ICOS and ECI co-ops benefit from ICOS’ 100 years of experience as a┬áleading, statutorily recognized co-operatives body. ICOS SERVICES ARE DESCRIBED HERE

An association with ECI also brings access to this network of key leaders in community renewable energy in your region: informally through information and advice sharing, but also formally through ECI organised seminars and information days.

Establishing a Renewable Energy Co-operative will be much easier when the advice of those who have already gone before you is available to you.