Energy inflation Calculator


Electricity costs are calculated according to some very complicated metrics. These include varying rates, VAT additions, MIC, Standing Charges etc. As a result, it can often be quite hard to compare the cost of electricity across providers and over time. Simply comparing the headline per unit charge does not give you the whole picture.


In an effort to track the actual effective rates between providers and to properly determine energy inflation over time, we’ve devised this handy little calculator widget. Simply key in the figures as available and you’ll get an accurate picture of your energy costs.

Energy Inflation Rate Calculator

Number of kwh used 1st bill Number of kwh used 2nd bill Total bill amount 1st bill Total bill amount 2nd bill Cost per kwh 1st bill Cost Per kwh 2nd bill Energy inflation over period Number of months between bills Energy inflation RATE per year

This method is particularly suited to those who have online billing, as most providers allow you to access you bills from three years ago – otherwise you’ve got to start rummaging around at the back of the press for those old bills – don’t worry you’ve probably already thrown them away: leave it to the online account holders…


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