Irish LED company makes $100million deal

Nualight an Irish Technology start-up company has “become a global company with in excess of 200 employees in just five years” according to its CEO Dr Liam Kelly who taught for many years in UCC.

The company has just signed a $100 million deal with the US Hussmann Corporation which is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated display merchandisers and refrigeration systems throughout the world.

Nualight’s LED latest fridge display lighting systems can save 70% in energy savings over traditional florescent lighting systems. The improved lights also mean that maintenance costs are also greatly reduced.

Established in Cork in 2004, with initial support from Enterprise Ireland, Nualight partnered with the ESB to expand its eco-lighting business rapidly with customers such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s UK. It’s rapid progress demonstrates how small innovative companies can transform the interest of large businesses in energy conservation into a tremendous potential to create jobs and generate income.