Largest onshore wind farm in Europe goes into operation

Image of Wind FarmRomanian Onshore Wind energy generation takes a massive leap forward with the opening of the largest onshore wind farm in Europe.


The 600 MW CEZ project has installed 240 2.5Mw GE turbines which has the effect of boosting Romania’s onshore wind generation by more than a factor of 40 (from 14MW to 614MW). By comparison Ireland currently has a total of 1600 MW of installed capacity.


Hailing the commissioning of the Fantanele/Cogealac project based in the Dobrogea Constanta on the shores of the Black Sea, CEZ project manager Ondřej Šafář stated: ”Thanks to the Fantanele/Cogealac wind farm, CEZ is making a major contribution to increasing Romania’s renewable energy generation.” CEZ is a large electricity generation and distribution conglomerate of 90 plus companies. It has operations in countries in Central and South Eastern Europe such as Romania and Turkey, but is head-quartered in the Czech Republic.


The 100m high turbines, occupying an area of 6 by 12km (72 sq km) is 17km from the Black Sea. It benefits from some of the best wind resources in Central Europe. The massive scale of the project has required the investment by CEZ of 1.1bn euro. However, in a statement by the company, since 2010 the project has already generated 1.646 TWh of electricity and has earned CEZ €40m as it was in the process of being commissioned.