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Supporting Sustainable Communities

Opportunity in Sustainability, and the Transition to the Low Carbon Society
Co-op Formation

We support community based renewable energy co-operatives at every stage of their development, guiding them through the legal process of setting up a co-operative, advising them on their dealings with state agencies, introducing them to our network of co-operatives where they can learn from best practice examples, helping them communicate their message locally and nationally.


We participate in the trial and development of a range of renewable energy technologies which will offer huge opportunities for employment for energy conservation and green power generation

Smart Micro-Grids

The intellegent integration of energy consumption within a pro-sumer network is potentially one of the most significant developments in the transition process towards the low-carbon economy. It also one of the opportunities that offers the greatest benefits to your community. Watch our video explaining the significance of SMG’s.

Solar PV Projects

If renewable energy in the 2000’s were wind-driven, there is every possibility that the 2020’s in Ireland will belong to solar: get ready now for a brighter future for your home, your neighbours, your business, and your community.

About Energy Co-ops Ireland

Promoting community access to the benefits of renewable energy

We are a co-operative renewable energy consultancy promoting community access to the benefits of renewable energy. Our membership comprises of renewable energy experts, experienced co-operative regulations advisers, an expert project managers, financial advisers and a highly skilled communications and media team. Energy Co-operatives Ireland has an open democratic structure. We support co-operatives that have as wide a community membership as possible and seek to distribute benefits to the community as a whole. We have been successful in assisting community co-ops at every stage of their development from their first public meeting to the successful processing of a planning application and their sourcing of finances to bring the projects to reality.

  • Building A National Network of Strong Community Co-ops
  • Developing Renewable energy technology
  • Promoting the Smart Grid
  • Replacing Imported Carbon Fuels

Our Team

of renewable energy experts, experienced co-operative regulations advisers, expert project managers, financial advisers and a highly skilled communications and media team will help your community maximize the benefits offered by the transition to a low carbon future
Cormac Walsh
CEO Energy Co-ops Ireland
Key contributor to Spirit of Ireland Project as Community Relations and PR consultant. Cormac has been a member of ECI since 2012 where his duties include: PR, market strategies, SEC co-coordinator, as well new renewable energy technologies development, chair RESCOOP Ireland.
Colm Byrne
RES Consultant
Community Energy Auditing, Feasibility Studies, Biomass System Design (individual buildings and district heating solutions) Solar Energy solution design. Community Energy Training Funding applications & fund raising initiatives, Energy Monitoring, Management and planning.
Fiacc Ó Brolcháin
Hydropower Consultant
Hydropower consultancy, feasibility, design, installation maintenance small hydropower schemes, commissioning over 20 schemes up to 500 kW, founder member and General Secretary Irish Hydropower Producers Assoc, member of Governing Board of the European Small Hydropower Assoc (ESHA).
Lúgh Ó Braonáin
Communications and Solar PV
Community liaison, co-operative establishment and governance consultancy, energy regulation and policy, community communications strategy, energy projects business & financial planning, media and public relations advice, RESCOOP Ireland information officer

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