Apr 30, 2016

The transformation from fossil fuels to renewables is one of the greatest challenges we face. The clock is ticking. If we fail then catastrophic climate change is inevitable – and we know what that means. We in Ireland have the means to hand. But to harness it we need community acceptance, and that is best done through community ownership, which is where the co-operatives movement comes in. ECI have taken a leading role in developing and growing the energy co-operative movement in Ireland and having lifted rural Ireland out of dire poverty in the last century it’s time has come around again. This couldn’t be more important – or worthy of support. It has mine.

Brendan Halligan.


I have known and worked with Cormac Walsh of Energy Co-operatives Ireland for over 3 years.

ECI have over this time assisted us in the making of our television series ‘Eco-Eye’ by keeping us informed of developing community energy initiatives around the country. Energy Communities Ireland (ECI) have proven to be a valuable source of reliable contacts and we can highly recommend them for their professional manner and their ability to achieve positive results.

Duncan Stewart (Producer /Presenter: About the House and EcoEye TV series & director of Earth Horizon Productions)

I have worked with Cormac and Energy Co-opreatives over the last couple of years on some energy storage projects. I have found Cormac and his colleagues to be both knowledgeable and helpful. I would have no hesitiation in recommending them.


Chris Mathers

Mathers Dairy Utensils Co.

I have known and worked with Cormac Walsh of Energy Co-operatives Ireland for over 5 years.

ECI have over this time and indeed currently are greatly assisting us in our work of establishing Ireland’s first smart micro grid via the Tallaght smart Grid test Bed in County So0uth Dublin. ECI have proven to be a valuable partner and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Dudley Stewart C. Eng.