Rathlin Home Energy Survey Results

by | Jun 2, 2022

Conducted on behalf of Rathlin Sustainable Island Network funded by Invest Northern Ireland

As part of the Rathlin Sustainable Island Network scoping study, ECI were commissioned to conduct domestic energy audits on a sample of homes on Rathlin Island. These audits were carried out by Northern Ireland Energy Rating.

What is an Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit is a study of the fabric (walls, roofs, windows, doors, etc) and energy use of a building, in this case a home.

How is an Energy Audit Different from a EPC?

An Energy Audit, although it includes all the elements of an EPC, gives much more detail.

An Energy Audit contains a list of recommendations (‘energy retrofits’) for the homeowner to reduce the energy use of a home. It also estimates how much each suggestion to reduce energy use will cost, and what the payback for each measure is likely to be.

The Houses

Click on a house to see the report (Costings and Recommended Actions)

These homes were selected through a public application process which provided us with a sample of homes  which are representative of the homes in Rathlin Island in general.

The samples here are intended to be used by  ALL the householders of Rathlin  Island. Click on the home that most closely resembles yours to see what an energy upgrade can achieve to make your home more comfortable, more energy efficient and less carbon intensive.


This resource  shows the energy use that each typical house type uses. It serves as a guide to householders as to the likely energy use of their home and the kinds of energy upgrades they can apply to help make their homes more efficient, comfortable, and sustainable for the long term.

The results also show the importance of taking a fabric first approach to works carried out on our homes.

The Recommended Actions Explained>>