Innovation and Technology

by | May 18, 2024

Green Hydrogen

Energy Co-operatives Ireland is at the forefront of the development of a sustainable green hydrogen economy on the island of Ireland. We are putting communities at the heart of this opportunity: in research, deployment opportunities and ownership of projects (see some of our projects in our research page)

We are a founder member of the German-Irish Hydrogen Council and are actively building partnerships in German industry which will be a key to the decarbonisation of heavy industry.


Photo-Voltaic energy (PV) is tipped to become a major contributor to the Irish energy mix. The technology has developed and pricing of systems improved to the extend that PV is now very competitive  with other forms of energy generation. PV has the advantage of having a much lower visual impact on the environment (though it’s footprint is much greater than with wind energy) than other renewable energy generators, and so is very suitable in certain planning contexts. Find out more here.

 Offshore Wind

We are enaged with communties on the West Coast of ireland in innovative floating offshore wind to hydrogen projects. One of these involves a 1GW project 30km off the Coast of Kerry. For futher details see the this link