Funding Your Projects

by | Nov 28, 2015

A huge challenge facing community enterprises of any sort is access to funding.

At ECI we can offer access to a range of funding instruments to suit your community’s need


This is a platform managed whereby a community group or charity can leverage the goodwill of local business associations and private individuals to raise funds for small-scale energy conservation and generation projects.

State supports

ECI can help your community to acquire funds for energy conservation and smaller scale generation projects on a matching funds basis.

Philanthropic Funds

With our help, your community project may be able to raise funds from our contacts in Philanthropic organisations. Funds up to €500,000 are available on a low-interest loan basis

Community Share-holding Platforms

Larger scale projects (greater than €500,000) can be funded through an equity platform.

To find out which finance instrument best suits your project, contact us here.