Competencies Assessment

by | Sep 15, 2018

Resource 2: Competencies Assessment

The competencies assessment tool (link here) is one of the fundamental resources for your SEC as it engages in the program.

You will notice that there are seven sections. Most of these correspond to a technical mentorship. When you complete the assessment at the start of the program, you will see where your SEC has weaker points, and where it will benefit from mentor support by way of seminars, up-skilling and training workshops. In years two and three, you will repeat the assessment to see how much your SEC has advanced in its competencies and where it needs more support. By the end of the third year, the aim is for your SEC to have an even spread of skills and connections across the competencies.

The first three are Bedrock Competencies – considered fundamental to the establishment and sustainability of each SEC. They are:

Integrated Planning – This is about establishing goals and mapping out realistically how you can achieve them (your regional mentors and the SEAI are key to helping you devise these).

Partnerships and Engagement – The competency most connected to this resource pack. ECI/TCD are the Technical Mentors for this Competency

Strategic Financing – You will need to have bank accounts and access to finance. There is a technical mentor specialized in this area

The second four competencies are ‘Thematic Competencies’ These are:

Energy Efficiency – It is essential that your SEC measures energy use in your community. Your EMP will help you achieve this. By year 2, you should be able to show that your competency in this area has increased and preferably you have participated in the energy efficiency programmes.

Renewable Energy – There are a range of energy generation technologies which your community may be interested in devising projects for. It is not essential for the SEC programme, but you should gain as much information about the opportunities as you can and share this information within you community.

Sustainable Transport- It is not required that you engage on transport projects, but the SEC technical mentors are on hand to give you the latest information

Smart Energy – It is not required that you engage on transport projects, but the SEC technical mentors are on hand to give you the latest information

As with the stakeholder map, the SEC should draw on as many members of the committee/steering group as possible when completing the competencies spreadsheet. You may not be aware of all the skills and experiences your colleagues may have.

It may be useful for you to gather together with your mentor in a Skype call and complete the competencies spreadsheet as an addendum to a committee meeting.