Story Telling

by | Sep 17, 2018

Spark Change:

“Our goal is to improve the economic, social and environmental sustainability of communities across Ireland. We want to empower the doers in every community to spark change by taking our CHALLENGE and sharing their SUCCESS STORIES with other communities.

“Any community and voluntary organisation, individual or group of people who share a vision can sign up for the Spark Change Challenge and start a project that will improve the suitability of their community. Looking for inspiration? We are collecting success stories to spark action in other communities.”


“StoryTracks is a dynamic, innovative platform where local people bring their own stories to life. We scratch beneath the surface of the obvious and bring you the “Real” authentic stories of a destination. Get involved and join our vibrant community; trigger stories on the move as well as create your own StoryTracks as you travel, explore, immerse and engage….”

These are not all related to sustainability but nonetheless you can discover or upload sustainability stories on the app.