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by | Nov 28, 2015

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Join our Strong Network of Irish Energy Cooperatives


How ECI Can Help Your Community

We support community based renewable energy co-operatives at every stage of their development:

  • guiding them through the legal process of setting up a co-operative
  • advising them on their dealings with state agencies, the SEAI, local councils, the Departments of Environment and of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
  • introducing them to our EU-wide network of co-operatives where they can learn from best practice examples
  • helping them communicate their message locally and nationally.

What help can we give your community group?

We will assist you in your establishment as a legal co-op and provide you with the following services:

  • Information on the legal requirements and benefits of creating a co-op.
  • Co-op support from ICOS: National oversight body of Co-operatives in Ireland: over 100 years of experience and 150 member co-ops
  • Membership of RESCOOP: the Europe-wide association of renewable energy co-ops
  • Access to relevant information concerning grants from organisations such as Enterprise Ireland and SEAI.
  • Access to a rapidly growing network of renewable energy co-operatives.
  • Help with to deal with local and national level policy makers.
  • Advice on the renewable energy technologies best suited to your projects.

Establishing a viable energy co-operative, if not done right, can be a complex and time-consuming enterprise. Many co-operatives become bogged-down in this work and fail to reach their full potential or worse they collapse, creating significant local ill-will. ECI with it’s partners in ICOS will assist you in establishing your co-op efficiently and  quickly, putting it on a firm foundation, and giving it access to an EU-wide network.

There are no fees for Energy Co-op Ireland’s assistance in co-op formation – we want to see the network grow and flourish.

ICOS does charge a fee, for it’s legal advice in setting up your co-op. This includes Company Registration Fees, but is money well spent and will benefit you and your community far into the future.

Contact us at: 0866784063

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We’d be delighted to answer your queries and with the other established co-ops in our network help you on your journey towards a rewarding sustainable future.