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by | Nov 28, 2015

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ECI is the leading renewable energy co-op body in Ireland. It has facilitated the establishment of five co-ops in Ireland binging them through each stage of their development putting them on a firm foundation, and giving it access to an EU-wide network of successful co-operatives in the sector.


Hoe ECI Will Help Your Community

ECI supports community-based renewable energy co-operatives at every stage of their development.

  • Facilitate community focused meetings and help forge relationships integral to the future success of the co-operative
  • Guidance on the legal process of setting up a legal co-operative structure
  • Advice on dealings with state agencies, the SEAI, local authorities, the Departments of Environment, Community and Local Government and of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources and other relevant organisations
  • Public relations and communications advice in dealing with local and national stakeholders (media, community, council officials)
  • Assistance in negotiations with local and national level policy makers
  • Representation in negotiations with third-party developers
  • Professional and technical services at all stages of renewable energy project development from feasibility through planning and acquisition to completion stages
  • Business & financial planning on  renewable energy technologies best suited to your community
  • Finance acquisition for energy generation and conservation projects including social finance providers, grant-awarding organisations, and innovative fundraising models
  • Access to our EU-wide network of co-operatives where they can learn from best practice examples
  • Access to our rapidly growing network of Irish renewable energy co-operatives
  • ongoing support and advice in the governance and management of your co-operative once it is supported

ECI does not currently charge fees for these services.