Galway City Energy Audits

What our study will do

Our study will take a sample of homes in Galway City to see what their energy use is, what contributes to that energy use and also how this can be reduced, at what cost, and what the value for money of these measures will be.

We will be able to apply the information learned from each audit to all the different kinds of houses in Galway, so that the whole community will be able to know how to reduce their own homes energy use. This will have long term and far-reaching sustainability benefits for the residents of the city as a whole.

Am I guaranteed an Energy Audit if I apply?

No. We can’t guarantee that you will be accepted if you apply: there will be a selection process based on how your home reflects the sample we need. The selection process is only based on the characteristics of the building. We will contact you to let you know if your home has been selected. If your home is not selected (as according to our data policy) we will remove your details from our database.

What is an Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit is a study of the fabric (walls, roofs, windows, doors, etc) and energy use of a building, in this case a home. Normally these can cost between €300-€500, but this study will do these energy audits free of charge.

How is an Energy Audit Different from a BER?

A BER is similar in that it looks at the fabric and energy use types in a home. However, BERs are based on average energy demands for each element of a home and not the actual energy use in a specific home.

An energy Audit, although it includes all the elements of a BER, gives much more detail.

An Energy Audit contains a list of suggestions (‘energy retrofits’) for the homeowner to reduce the energy use of a home. It also estimates how much each suggestion to reduce energy use will cost, and what the payback for each measure is likely to be.


How will I benefit?

Directly, you will be given a list of costed recommendations as to how to make your home healthier, more comfortable, more sustainable, and with lower energy bill in the future.

How do I take part?

Just fill in this CONFIDENTIAL quick survey, and we will contact you about organizing a FREE energy audit for your home.

Doing the survey does not commit you to anything, all your information is kept secure and confidential.

The FREE Energy Audit and a Better Energy Communities Grant

Galway Energy Co-op, who are promoting this study, will bring together audited homes in an application for grant funding from the SEAI in a Better Energy Community project. Homeowners will benefit from extra grant support of between 35 and 90%, depending on your personal financial situation.

From those who take part in the Energy Audits, GEC will, over three to four years, organise BEC applications to carry out the energy retrofits and improvements suggested in the energy audits.

Are there any Minimum Requirements?

To receive funding for BEC/Energy Improvement grants, homes need to reach a minimum B2 BER after all works are done. There are also value for money criteria that need to be met.


What are the benefits for me in taking part in a BEC?

There are many benefits to the individual householder in taking part in a BEC. There are preferential grant supports for some homeowners (as much as 80% supports for ‘fuel poor’ homes). There are also reduced costs from savings through group purchase of materials and services. The individual homeowner also doesn’t have to manage the retrofitting project which is done at a group level.

More information on Better Energy Communities is available from the SEAI’s website, linked here.